Continuing Education

​​Ongoing Opportunities

VMN Continuing Education Webinars  

There are many opportunities here that you will enjoy and gain valuable knowledge. 

For first-time users, please plan to join a webinar at least 15 minutes prior to install the WebEx application and to connect your audio.  When presented with audio options, choose the "Call Using a Computer" option and click the test computer audio link to adjust your audio as needed.  If you have a microphone on your computer, you will be able to speak to the presenters without typing questions and comments in the chat window. 

Water Quality Monitor Training

The James River Association  offers training for their water monitoring project at various sites throughout the state. JRA monitors popular recreational sites throughout the summer and publishes the finding on their website .
Chesterfield County Water Quality Monitoring is also available and is led by the Environmental Engineering office. Contact Lorne Field at  for training dates.

This is a reminder to please log in all of your volunteer hours for 2017 by December 31. As you know 40 volunteer hours and 8 continuing education hours are required annually for recertification. Also the state office wants to know what our chapter members have been doing and how much time has been spent doing it!

Remember that you can add your driving time to any volunteer hours that you log. Please note this is for Volunteer hours ONLY, NOT continuing ed hours. The mileage box is still available as some folks use that to keep track of miles driven for their personal records.
Please feel free to contact Sue Tait, Membership Coordinator, if you have any questions. 

Free Seminars through the Chesterfield County Extension Office

Many seminar opportunities are offered through the Chesterfield County Extension: 804-751-4401. 

For confirmation of CE credit, please contact a Chapter Continuing Education coordinator and provide a description of the seminar you are attending.